Kommunity Response Day – Title Talks

Title Talks focuses on increasing literacy and access to books among under served populations.
• 93 million adults in the U.S. read at or below the basic level needed to contribute successfully to society.
• By the time children from low-income families enter grade school, their proficiency in reading has already become an issue.
• 47 percent of fourth graders from low-income families read below the basic level.
• 50 percent of Black fourth graders scored below the basic level, as do 47 percent of Hispanic and 49 percent of American Indian fourth graders.

Kommunity Response Days (KRDs) are designated days of service where members nationwide mobilize in their respective areas on the same day with a focus on specific community targets.
Title Talks will be happening in FL, WA, MD, NC, TX, KY, VA, GA,OH, NJ, D.C., and IL. Email kappaxiomega@gmail.com to participate.

Target : Community Enhancement & Elevation