Kappa Xi Omega, Sorority Incorporated, is dedicated to a quality sorority experience and therefore requires sisters and chapters to adopt and implement a comprehensive risk management policy.

Risk Management, a phrase that has never been heard by most of the older generation, is rapidly becoming the common term in fraternal conversations. Risk Management is just plain responsible behavior. It is the willingness of Kappa Xi Omega members to provide a safe fraternal environment, taking care of one another, taking care of our guests, planning carefully all aspects of our programs, abiding by the laws of our sorority, our territories, our community and our nation. Simply put, it is the basic respect for our sorority, people, property, and laws. Sisterhood, human dignity and respect serve as the foundation of Risk Management. As we plan our activities we should be aware of this at all times. Risk Management means taking a few extra precautions, being more imaginative when planning events, and preparing for the well being of everyone

Kappa Xi Omega strictly prohibits members or chapters from hazing. Hazing is considered detrimental to our Object and destructive to the morals and characters of our members. Engaging in acts of hazing can lead to expulsion or suspension of the chapter and/or individual member. Taking part in hazing activities may result in criminal prosecution and often results in civil litigation that easily can bankrupt individuals, cause the premature demise of otherwise successful chapters, and ultimately threaten the survival of the Sorority itself. One senseless act can erase in seconds a tradition that has taken years to build, and no amount of money can replace a human life needlessly lost. Kappa Xi Omega expects each member to hold the welfare of her fellow and future sisters as a personal responsibility of the highest order. A chapter or members should never place probationary members in a situation in which they know there is a risk of physical or mental harm to a probationary member.

Definition of Hazing NOTE: For purposes of this definition, the term “members” refers to all classes of membership as defined by the National Constitution. Any activity or situation that creates fear, mental distress, or undue apprehension in a member; harasses or degrades a member; or an activity which injures or threatens to injure a member’s physical or emotional well being; or any other activities which are not consistent with fraternal ritual or are considered a violation of the policies or regulations of a chapter or state law. More information on the Kappa Xi Omega Sorority,Incorporated Hazing Policies and Procedures can we gained by emailing the Grand Chapter at kappaxiomega@kappaxiomega.org