Through collective and individual efforts, Kappa Xi Omega has created an intransigent bond that is illustrated through community efforts and general social interactions.

Our sisterhood is interested in each sister as a total person on spiritual, physical, emotional and mental level. Kappa helps each member to develop and reach their full potential which allows our sisterhood to be a coterie of women that is strong, focused and committed. To whom much is given, much is required and by being humbled by the blessings our own lives, we are conscious of what we must do in serving others.

Love is the operative word that is the basis of our sisterhood. Love makes us a true sisterhood and has kept us viable through trials and tribulations.

The Kappa Distinction is that we are interested in who you are. The Kappa Distinction is that we care. We care about our members. We care about our communities. We care to make our mark through service and sacrifice. Kappa is different because we make a difference. Join us and we can make a difference together.

Kappa Xi Omega actively seeks women who will promote our ideals within their communities as well as professional and personal lives. In return, the Sorority is a conduit through which women can effloresce and develop, personally and professionally.

Membership is generally extended to lesbian women who meet the following requirements:

  • Prospective members must be twenty –five (25) years of age or older.
  • Prospective members must registered voters.
  • Prospective members must have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Prospective members must be able to meet the financial obligations of the organization (employment preferred).
  • Prospective members must be of high moral and ethical standards.
  • Prospective members must have verifiable community service endeavors.
  • Prospective members must have a true affinity for hard work.
  • Prospective members must be dedicated to unification the LGBT community & its affiliates.
  • Membership can only be obtained by completing the Sorority’s official Membership Intake Process(MIP).
  • Membership shall not be extended to women who knowingly participate in non sanctioned intake procedures i.e. hazing or any other illegal activities.