We are absolutely ecstatic that you have considered reactivating your membership and reconnecting with our inner circle of sisters. Your active support, through reactivation is at the forefront of creating sustainable, positive change for families, communities, our nation and the world.

It is our goal to make reactivation just as exciting and special as the day you were inducted. Thank you for recommitting to your pledge and our sisterhood! We look forward to working with you again.

Being a member of Kappa Xi Omega Sorority, Inc. affords you the right to wear your letters proud in your day to day lives. Renewing your financial commitment to the sorority annually affords you additional benefits for professional and personal growth. We are excited to reintroduce those benefits to you during your reinstatement process:

  • Conference attendance : The ability to register and attend area meetings, as well as regional and national conferences.
  • Be the Change : Actively participate in discussions or voting, with the potential of recommendations being presented on the regional and national levels to update and bylaws for Sorority operations.
  • Be in the Know : Receive official communication from the Sorority.
  • Discounts : Experience discounted services from established partnerships.

Ready to reactivate?  Follow these simple steps:

  • Complete and submit the Reactivation Form to National Headquarters plus reactivation fees, per capita, fees and assessments, as applicable.
  • Attend reactivation workshops.
  • Complete Risk Management certification.

Reactivation is the first step to reconnecting and we look forward to RECONNECTING.