Membership Continued

What do members of Kappa Xi Omega do?
 Sorority members often participate in activities including, but not limited to: social events, philanthropic endeavors, sisterhood retreats, National conventions, educational seminars, and plenary meetings.

How can I start a chapter in my area?  Email and the information will be forwarded to you.

Does Kappa Xi Omega haze?  Absolutely not! Kappa Xi Omega has an extensive hazing policy along with a risk management team that monitors all chapters and membership intake procedures. More on the hazing policy and risk management can be found by visiting our Hazing Policy.

How do I become a member of Kappa Xi Omega?  Membership is obtained in Kappa Xi Omega through a membership intake process. Membership intake (here after referred to as MIP) is the educational process by which all prospective members become members of the organization.
During this process you learn fraternal history and all about Kappa Xi Omega. You will also bond with the women going through the process with you and the members of Kappa Xi Omega.

I have heard that sororities have various reputations. How do I handle this information?   The only opinion of a sorority that should matter is yours. Each sorority is different. If you allow someone else’s perception to influence you, you might not be satisfied with your choices during recruitment. Remember that each sorority is made up of many different women with different talents and qualities that compose the entire group. If you hear derogatory remarks about any sorority or any woman in the group, please disregard those comments as inappropriate and unethical to the fraternal spirit.

What are the financial obligations of Kappa Xi Omega?  Prospective members of Kappa Xi Omega pay an initiation fee. The 2016-2017 initiation fee is $400.00. Initiated members pay yearly dues and assessments. More information on the fees associated with Kappa Xi Omega are disclosed to members only.

If Kappa Xi Omega is not in my immediate area, can I still petition for membership?  Absolutely! Location does not hinder you from petitioning for membership. Some travel by you may be required in certain cases but if you meet certain requirements Kappa Xi Omega will come to you!!

What if during recruitment I discover that I am not ready to commit to sorority life?   A potential new member is never obligated to join Kappa. For various reasons, if you would not like to continue with formal recruitment, you may choose to withdraw

What do sororities look for in new members?  When sororities choose new members they look for many different characteristics. They look for women who possess different qualities, talents, interests, and abilities in order to form a diverse group in which each member benefits. Membership selection is not an easy task. It varies somewhat from sorority to sorority. These differences are based on national policies and chapter bylaws.. A sorority not only has to choose individual members, but an entire new member class! This new group must have leaders and followers, athletes and artists, scholars and musicians. Sororities strive to achieve a well-rounded and balanced group of women for their new member classes.

I completed an application of interest is that the same as an application for membership?   No. An application of interest is an online application that all interests complete to notify the organization they are interested in gaining more insight into the organization and its programs and activities. An Application for Membership is an official document that all potential new members must complete in its entirety to be considered for membership in the sorority and is only distributed during rush.

Are there members in my state/city?   Kappa Xi Omega currently has representation in : Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Washington, District of Columbia, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, and Ohio. Kappa Xi Omega is continually seeking growth in our current markets as well as seeking new areas of growth.

What kind of time commitment is required in being a member of Kappa Xi Omega?  As with any organization or club, Greek life gives back what you put into it. The more you are involved, the greater the benefits. In general, the Sorority is looking for individuals who want to be involved and give back to the organization.

 If you are interested in becoming a member please complete an Application of Interest or email the Membership Commission ( with your name, contact information (phone numbers and most frequently checked email) and best time to be reached and a member will contact you.